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Aredhel 2 by syccas-stock Aredhel 2 by syccas-stock
If you've been watching me for a bit you probably remember Melly and Seneca and I was looking forward to shooting with them again. Since we used regular, tight-fitting clothes last time, we thought we should go for something pretty and flowy this time, so we got some white-ish fabric and made it a lot more fantasy-like.
There'll be a few regular rider poses as well as horseback archery poses - she has experience in regular archery but it was her first time shooting from horseback, so I'm really happy it all worked out so well. Seneca did great, too, with all the new experiences (archery plus flowy drapery... he's incredibly calm for an Arabian Horse).
The name of the series is, once more, Tolkien-inspired. You can find more photos of Melly and Seneca in the "Horses and Riders" folder.

For the experts among you: Melly is both an experienced rider and archer, the bow she uses is a recurved riderbow - shortbows come in especially handy when you need flexibility and unlimited movement (switching side on horseback).
She nocks the arrow on the traditional left side of the bow - however, horseback archery often requires easy and fast reloading, so you will often see arrows on the right side of the bow. In this case it was easier for us to do it the traditional way because she had to hold position for me to take photos.

We are a group of intuitive archers. Our individual anchor points (point in face where the arrow is drawn to) vary from person to person, they are however consistent - most of us use cheekbone or corner of mouth. Of course you can always argue about details and posture correction, but what's important to me is that if you use this stock in your art you can be sure that this is functional archery - especially when you have to shoot under difficult circumstances (balancing or kneeling on a branch, hiding behind bushes etc) which rings more true for fantasy archers, I believe.
There are many different styles of archery throughout the world and the Olympic style is NOT the gold standard, it's just one style.
For more information on archery please check my Beginner's Guide to Archery below:

A Beginner's Guide to Archery in Stock and ArtWith movies like Avengers, Brave and Hunger Games, 2012 seems to be the Year of the Archers and many artists have already been inspired to create their own archer characters.
Whether you're thinking about having one of your OCs pick up bow and arrow (in writing or drawing) or you're a stock artist who wants to create some decent archery stock, I hope this little guide helps you understand the wonderful thing that is archery.
First and foremost, a little disclaimer: For this article I will mainly draw from my own experiences over the past few years. I am what you'd call an intuitive or instinctive archer, which roughly comes closest to medieval-styled archery. At the moment I'm shooting a modern Samick bow (without stabilizer or sights) and am in the process of making my own recurve bow out of robinia wood (similar to a few bows you can see in my gallery).
However, in archery there are many styles and differences in material used, draw, stance, finger position etc. – it all depend

Detailed rules and FAQ on my profile page -->
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SolinaBright Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
i used this image as a reference here :pointr:
Thank you! ♥
TheSkaldofNvrwinter Featured By Owner May 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh, so you do have pics with tight-fitting clothes...I should have read that lol
syccas-stock Featured By Owner May 26, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
ah, yes, you found them ^^ nevermind the last reply then
TheSkaldofNvrwinter Featured By Owner May 27, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I have a little trepidation about tackling--hey, alliteration lol--a horse and rider. A horse is hard enough. A person is hard enough lol. Combine them? Oy vey.
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